Pattern of Light (published in Japanese in 2011) is a story about an old man’s life and tears. It asks—how can we find hope in the very difficult reality, the way Pinocchio saw candlelight in the darkness of the fish’s stomach at the end of his journey? This kind of “light” is rarely glimpsed in our daily life; it only reveals itself in the most difficult and darkest times. As this “light” warms and melts our frozen hearts, a candle appears within. Everybody has a candle hidden in his or her heart. Thus, anyone can be a ”light” for others.

In this story of an old man’s journey towards the realization of the meaning of life, a tsunami and a tree which has survived it, are key symbols. Synchronously, on March 11, 2011, just four days before this book was published in Japan, one of the biggest tsunamis in recent memory hit northeastern Japan, and one surviving tree later became the symbol of the disaster.

Collodi, C. (2008). The Adventures of Pinocchio (G. Brock, Trans.). New York Review Books. (Original work published 1883).



『ピノッキオの冒険』コッローディ作/杉浦 明平訳/2000年/岩波書店


Pattern of Light